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Silo Art 

This is one of several Silo Art Images available for purchase as either a ready to frame print or as a framed ready to hang print 
Sunset Keppells Lookout

Landscape Heaven

Recently spent a few days at Wilson's Promontory and Tarra Bulga National Parks, below are a few shots from that trip. Now available for sale. 

Can be purchased as digital negatives, prints or framed prints. 

Great starts to the Day 

The reason many of us get up early in the morning, these are a couple of the new images added to my sales area that can be purchased as wall art. 

Latest News 

OK so the 2020 Bendigo Cycling Classic has been cancelled and we have to wait until 2021 for the next event. 
Why not take a look at the photos from the 2018 and 2019 events. If you find yourself or friends and decide to buy then 10% of any sales made sales made will still support the 2 Charities supported by the Bendigo Cycling Classic. 

See if you can find images of yourself or friends by clicking the Gallery/Sales button